Tuesday, August 23, 2011

chocolate and boundaries

Its so hard to be a single parent especially when strangers feel the need to intervene when you are setting boundaries in oublic. My 7 year old wanted chocolate at a Walgreens this afternoon. My answer was repeatedly and consistently "NO" with a "and that is final" following the last NO. The cashier felt the need to butt in and say "Oh a little chocolate never hurt anyone". Really, lady? Do you really think it is necessary for you to interfere with my parenting and not only convey to my children that it is ok for them to disrespect their mother but also that they should question me? Oh the nerve of some people! I gave her the stare down stink eye to which she immediately shut up and avoided eye contact.

I never would have chosen the single mother route but unfortunately, life steps in and chooses for us. Its hard trying to lay boundaries and rules along with morals and examples in this world by yourself. I have no back-up. I cannot use the threat that my mother used one me- "Just wait til your father gets home". Its all me. And to have someone try to undermine what I have worked so hard the past two years to build by myself really pisses me off!

People are so quick to criticize. but if they had to walk the past two years in my shoes a majority of them would not have made it as far as I have. Don't criticize single parents or any parent for that matter. No one is perfect and there is no such thing as the perfect parent. My child forgot about that chocolate as soon as we hit the highway and my boundaries were still held strong. So,Walgreen's lady, stick to your job responsibilities and don't try to be Oprah with a scanner. Please and thank you.

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